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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Leather Sleeves Jacket

Per te gjithe ata qe nuk me ndjekin akoma ne Instagram (@najadakazazi), nje post i shpejte per te treguar xhaketen time me te re,gri me menge lekure. Si ju duket?

For all you that are not following me on Instagram (@najadakazazi) yet, here is a quick post showing my new coat, grey with leather sleeves. What do you think?


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Monday, February 4, 2013

Paulo Coelho on Campus Party Berlin

One of the most excited experiences of 2012 was the partecipation one the most important festival of technology in the world, full of conferences, workshops, project presentations and sharing of ideas, Campus Party in Berlin on August. One of the most famous guests of this event was Paulo Coelho, one of the most popular celebrity from social networks:  with 5.5 million twitter followers and 9 million fans on Facebook. I have read almost all his books and being there to see and hear him was so exciting! During this meeting, the writer spoke about the technologydevelopment and  the 'importance of sharing ideas and experiences online. , let's share with you some  advices that Coelho gave us that day.

"The more you share , the more you receive! You share because you need to share!
I can be in front the Brandenburg Gate seeing the sunset and if i am alone i  devastated.  But i can be in a train station in love with someone and everything will be fantastic, will be great because i have someone to share my experience. So basically this is the idea: we share because we need to share!
Sharing is not only about sharing , is implementing something."

"In most of my books i write that we should fight for our dreams, that you should stand for a dream.I had strange dreams since i was a young boy. I wanted to be a writer which was totaly impossible. My parents were desperate, they said he is crazy. So they wanted me to be an ingeneer so they forced me to go in a Jesuit school and then i could not  simply accept to sacrifice my life in the name of the dreams of my parents that is easiest excuse we all use: - Oh i am not going to do this because i am going to hurt people that i love!  Don't say this to yourself! You don't hurt anyone when you do something that you love! You may be scared because they may be furious , but if they really love you they will accept at the end because all they want is to see you happy! I was in a mental institution tre times when i was 18, 19 and 20 because they could not control me. They said :he is crazy! Then i start making song, making money. From the moment i start making money , they said he is not that crazy ! 
...for several moments in my life i thought: Enough is enough! I did all my crazy things : sex, drugs and rock&roll, whatever you mention i did it! But now is time to sattle down, grow up , have a work. I tried it but i was also unhappy! So in 1986 i walked in pilgrimage from France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.I had money, i had love, i had a job but i was not happy! When i arrived on Santiago de Compostela i said: Now even i forget my dream , i am going to fight for it. And i fought for it! It was not easy but if i had one quality , i did not quit! I felt down but i said this is the meaning of my life : to fight for my dream! That's way i can easily tell you to fight for your dreams because i did that for me and thanks for this i am here talking to you today!"
                                                                                        Paulo Coelho, Campus Party Berlin 2012

August 2012

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